What Working With Us Looks Like

We believe that the world today is changing at an accelerated pace with challenges that are becoming less and less predictable. As the mutual fund prospectus disclaimer mockingly still says, “past performance is not an indicator of future success.” One family generation’s successful business model might be a curse to the next generation. The non-profit that grew up and thrived in a different philanthropy market might not stay top-of-mind for long if it doesn’t accept disruption as the new normal. Marketing leaders in large organizations that don’t embrace the new digital and social media imperative will be left behind. The difference between the sinners and the saints in the new reputation economy isn’t as big of a delta as conventional wisdom believes.

There is no-size-fits-all approach to organizational change – and there never will be. We move some clients through iterative work phases designed to support faster strategic sense-making, experimentation, learning, and adaptation as they move through the change process. Other clients are only looking for a shock to the system, a disruptive or contrarian voice to challenge the status quo – maybe just a single project or presentation or panel discussion to frame the issue differently or raise the stakes for continuing internal inaction.

Our Services

Here are some examples of the kinds of deliverables we create with our clients based on their custom needs, budget and timeline:

Strategic Planning

    We bring an “outside-in” set of eyes and perspectives to complement your inside-out point of view when it comes to goal setting and...

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Thought Leadership

    Our practice is founded in the creation and curation of content that frames the debate, changes the conversation, and forces...

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    Are you stuck between not wanting to build out unnecessary overhead and internal capabilities and the full outsourcing of your...

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Speaker / Facilitation

    Are you planning an offsite meeting in the new virtual reality we all find ourselves struggling in? Considering bringing in a...

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Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Andrew Davis