David Priston

Investing Analyst

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Phone: (800) 456-7890
Email: name@email.com
Skype: davidpriston

Statistic & Analytic
Audit Preparation
Management Consulting


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"John helped FedEx leadership embed reputation thinking in everything we do: by listening to what people say, talking to people like they are people, engaging people by building relationships and measuring where and what is being said from the workplace to the marketplace."

Raj SubramaniamCEO

"My team hired John to add his expertise to our global reputation and brand research function which was unpacking complex and sensitive issues to guide the company’s strategic direction during COVID. John delivered concise and intelligent analysis that gave us a strong platform to align disparate teams and ultimately elevated the quality and precision of decisions being made by executive management."

David RobertsonStrategic Advisor

As a CFO for most of my career, I appreciated John's willingness to partner with the finance function to ensure that our marketing programs aligned with revenue, not pet projects. John helped us make tough decisions about offshoring and post-merger integration, and he is an authentic and credible communicator.


Thierry DelaporteCEO

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